W. Bro. Colin H. Basson

It is with sadness that the lodge has learned of the death of W. Bro. Colin H. Basson, PPrJGW, PPrJGW (Soms).

W. Bro. Colin was initiated into the lodge on the 20th of October 1962, having studied at Hampton between 1948 and 1954. He served as Master of Old Hamptonian, his mother lodge, in 1976.

An OH Freemason reflects

I have to say that joining the masons was one of the most influential
things in my life. The ethos of the fraternity is good citizenship, charity
and honesty and its hopes in this direction are played out within the
ancient ritual.

W. Bro Geoffrey Bourne-Taylor, a PM of Old Hamptonian Lodge, reflects on how he became a freemason in the current edition of the Old Hamptonian Chronicle. Browse to page 149 of The Lion (PDF).

George Warder

It was with great sadness that the lodge learned of the death of Bro. George Warder, PPrGPurs on 1 December 2011.

An Old Hamptonian, George was proposed into the Lodge by his brother-in-Law Cyril Tarrant and seconded by Bill Yarrow. He was initiated on 16/10/1965 and raised  on 10/12/1966.

While he had no ambition to go through the chair he was happy serving the lodge in any way he could. A stalwart of the Lodge of Instruction, George served for many years as Assistant Secretary and Assistant DC.

He was promoted to PPrGPurs as a Lay Brother for his dedication to the Lodge in 2002.

Cyril Tarrant

It is with sadness that the lodge has received news of the death of Cyril Tarrant on 31 May 2010.

Born in 1923, Cyril was 87. He attended Hampton School and emigrated to Australia in 1966.

He was master of Old Hamptonian Lodge in 1956.