Montage of scenes at  Staines Masonic HallWelcome to the website of Old Hamptonian Lodge.

We are a lodge of freemasons who have a connection with Hampton School (formerly Hampton Grammar School), an independent school founded in 1557 in Hampton, west London, UK.

We meet at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen St., London, four times a year. We practise the very old tradition of Freemasonry in an effort to improve ourselves morally and intellectually while contributing charitably to our communities.

If you’re a Freemason

You’ll find information here about the history of the lodge, meeting times and news.

If you’re not a Freemason

If you are curious about Freemasonry, we encourage you to find out more by visiting the United Grand Lodge of England site.

If you are interested in joining Freemasonry and becoming a member of this lodge

We are a welcoming lodge and are always pleased to hear from potential applicants for membership. You don’t need to have been an Old Boy of the school. Those with other connections to the school, perhaps through friendship with an Old Hamptonian, for example,  are welcome to apply.

Have a look at the site’s About pages to get a preliminary flavour of the lodge’s culture then use the Contact page to make an informal enquiry via the Secretary.